Like most painting jobs, people often wonder, “How hard can it be?” The answer is pretty simple. When done correctly, it is easy, but when you omit certain aspects, it’s a nightmare. Painting interior doors could seem like a trivial project that anyone can do. However, they turn out to be the trickier ones because people tend to ignore critical aspects.

If you want to avoid that, we share everything you need to know before painting interior doors so that you get it right no matter what. Read on!

It Takes One Or Two Days To Finish

We always need to account for the time factor, and painting a door can take one or two days. It can take less time when you don’t have a professional prepping the door, considering what it takes for the primer to dry for sanding, but it will be worth it. However, if you don’t want to wait, the prepping job won’t be as thorough.

It Requires A Particular Type Of Paint

Painting interior doors have more peculiarities than you thought. There is a specific type of paint for it. It is known as enamel if you want to know what kind of paint you use on interior doors. You can also search for what’s labeled for trims and doors. The peculiarity about these is that they are smoother, making them the best paint for interior doors.

Regarding what finish should interior doors be painted, gloss and semi-gloss finishes are ideal for later maintenance. They’re easier to clean but require proper prepping. 

It Mainly Comes Down To Prepping

A poor or excellent painting job is primarily the result of the prep stage. When the necessary steps aren’t taken, it affects the finished product. For instance, people wonder, “Do you have to sand interior doors before painting?” Absolutely yes, along with other steps, part of the rules for painting interior doors.

Three things should always be considered: quality of tools, technique, and cleanliness. When prepping a door, it has to be cleaned and repaired. At A&M Quality Painting , for instance, we also provide carpentry services because we know every defect in the door after painting interior doors.

Again, choosing the materials (sanders, fillers, and primers) shouldn’t be done lightly. There are specific sanders for painting interior doors because they produce less sand dust. You should also match the primer with the paint finish and ensure it is sandable if you’ll have your painter do it for much better results.

Lastly, cleanliness before and at every stage is crucial to avoid mistakes. After sanding, for instance, the leftover dust has to be vacuumed.

Every Door Is Different

ot all doors are flat pieces of wood. Rarely any is these days. There are many configurations and styles. The more intricate the door, like panel doors, the harder it’ll be to paint. Before painting interior doors, make sure you hire someone skilled and who will do a quality job.

Hiring A Professional Will Improve Results

Painting interior doors are much quicker and more convenient when you have a professional. You can always attempt a DIY job, but hiring an interior door painting service might be best for the following:

  • Removing handles or the door itself can be tedious when you want to save time. Professionals can paint the door in place and still provide smooth results.
  • Ensuring the best materials as we do, is easier.
  • True experts won’t leave a mess behind when you want to ensure cleanliness, even after painting interior doors.
  • It is preferable for intricate door designs or specialty finishes.
  • It can tackle prepping and repairs when the professionals offer carpentry and other services like we do here.
  • You’ll get the best value for money.

If you want to be 100% certain your door painting project will succeed, hiring professional interior painters in Milford or anywhere else is the ideal choice. At A&M Quality Painting, we offer door painting services and other solutions for a flawless project. Our quality seal is convenient to get the most out of your investment. Contact us today!