Power Washing

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Every inch of your property requires maintenance to last longer. When it comes to exterior maintenance, it will also demand more effort. Still, power washing can do the trick without buzz, covering large areas and removing tough stains and dirt, all in less time.

A&M Quality Painting LLC helps improve your property in many ways, including power washing in Litchfield, Fairfield, and Westchester Counties. Learn how we help maintain residential and commercial properties through our top solutions:

Clean With Security

Power washing is indeed, as its name suggests, powerful. It can remove even the toughest dirt, such as oil stains, mold, and so on. As great as it is for house washing, some may be concerned that it will damage their surfaces.

However, like a certain wise uncle once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Likewise, this cleaning method is only helpful and secure when performed by professionals. Ours can provide safe power washing in Litchfield County through:

pressure washing services


Power washing can clean multiple surfaces and contaminants, but each of them requires specialized nozzles and chemicals, as well as specific water pressure. It’s important to clean accordingly to prevent accidents.


Power washing equipment may be available for everyone, but when dealing with hot water machines (power washers), knowing the differences and the right technique saves you from damage to your property and yourself.

Pressure Washing

As not only a painter but also a professional power washer, there is no one better to guarantee neat results in your next project:

Fully licensed and insured.

Experience and cleaning techniques.

Hoses, driveways and sidewalks.

Concrete surfaces.

Leave The List. We Will Do The Rest!

As you can see above, choosing professionals is the best choice. A&M Quality Painting LLC is, too, for power washing in Fairfield, Litchfield & Westchester Counties, thanks to our decades of experience and excellent prices.

Our quality services are your best ally to keep your residential or commercial property clean, just like our 20% military and senior discounts. Contact us today!