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A door painting project could look something like painting interior doors light to dark color, quick and straightforward. However, other projects such as garage door painting or a double door demand a particular process.

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We can serve any door painting project with different door configurations, materials, and finishes. We have vast experience in many areas, even beyond painting, such as carpentry, power washing, exterior painting, and more; this makes us the go-to choice for door painting services!

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How We Get Outstanding Results:

We come up with the perfect solutions for every door painting job through two vital aspects of our services:


You can have fun with your door colour, there indeed are no rules, from black interior doors to a blue front door, and even a green garage door paint, it is all up to you! What we do recommend, however, is to choose the right paint type.

Painting interior doors could be OK with standard paint, with the finish of your choice. On the other hand, your front door paint should be outdoor paint that can resist wear and tear and adhere to the material. For instance, you would have to select the correct outdoor wood paint or outdoor wood stain for a front wood door.

You should consider the type of paint when getting door painting, and we can surely advise you on the best one to use, with our superior paint stock.

paint services
paint services


Of course, painting is just one part of the equation. We can’t dismiss the process and technique as it will directly affect the results, and they vary per project.

Perhaps you are just touching up the current color of your door or drastically changing it, which could require sanding and even repairs. When you have experts in painting, cleaning, repairs, sanding, and the overall prepping process gives you a quality guarantee.

Also, don’t forget about the details and unique finishes, as these can elevate or ruin the look. It is best to trust professionals who know what they are doing, for everything to be sharp.

As you can see, there is a lot to cover regarding door painting—all of which we take care of for you. If you want reliable and qualified door painters in Litchfield County, contact us today!