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Painting and carpentry have many things in common. For instance, they’re both versatile options to renovate from subtle to drastic while staying on budget. They also share that the quality of work is evidenced in the finished product.

Versatility, cost-effectiveness, and high quality are three things you will find with us, your expert carpenter in Litchfield, Fairfield, and Westchester counties. Our diverse carpentry solutions provide stunning results and a durable product. Here’s everything we can do for you:

carpentry services
finish carpentry

Finish Carpentry

If there’s anyone who knows a lot about finishes, that is us. As both a painter and professional carpenter in Litchfield County, we put our expertise into creating stunning finish pieces such as trimmings, custom moldings, wood paneling, and much more.

repair and refabrication services

Repair & Refabrication

Wood is truly amazing. It you can rescue your favorite wood pieces and furniture with an expert carpenter in Litchfield. If there’s anything that requires a repair, rest assured we’ll execute them seamlessly. We can also refabricate them from scratch, preserving the design or making the necessary alterations you desire.

Before a painting project, you can also recur to our carpentry repairs at a reasonable price to carry out your projects without blowing your budget.

installation and assambly

Installation & Assembly

Cabinets, furniture, entertainment areas —you name it, and we make it! Our two decades of experience and artistry will come together into a beautiful wood piece, whether you require it custom-made, installed, or assembled. We can install or make any design of your liking.

Custom Closets

Part of having a stylish and organized home is having a quality closet system in place. We can do that for you conveniently by installing your prefabricated system or making a custom one. In both ways, you ensure its looks and functionality last forever.

Let Us Create Amazing Pieces For You!

Every homeowner requires carpentry solutions but doesn’t have to settle with any. A&M Quality Painting is the best carpenter in Litchfield, Fairfield, and Westchester Counties, providing high-quality. To discuss your project, get in touch with us today!