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Cabinet painting is one of the most versatile home projects that can easily elevate the look of your home when executed by professional kitchen cabinets painters. With CM Professional Painting, you have just found them.

Our services fit clients who want unique details added to their homes, and a great place to do them is at heart: the kitchen. If you are sprucing up your space with kitchen painting, you will also want to match your cabinets to that. Cabinet painting is also great if you’re going to add a unique detail to your home.

We turn whatever you picture for a kitchen, such as a blue kitchen cabinet, gray kitchen cabinets, green kitchen cabinets, and more, into a unique piece. We offer cabinet painting to Long Island, Manhattan, and Connecticut clients!

Multiple Ways To Transform Your Cabinets 

Our cabinet painting services are unique because we have multiple ways to solve your home improvement needs. With a cabinet refinish, you can do it in a budget-friendly manner. A cabinet style is one of its key traits. The other main one is the finish.

You can play with your cabinet finish to achieve a specific look or revamp them by maintaining their current style. For whatever route you want to take, you can either opt for repainting kitchen cabinets. If you are painting wood cabinets, you can also stain them with a kitchen cabinet stain.

With our detailed cabinet painting services, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is choosing your preferred style with our range of options. Leave the rest to our professional technique and best paint for kitchen cabinets in both price and quality. You are guaranteed exceptional results at fair prices.

If you are ready to get professional assistance with your cabinet painting project, you can contact us 24/7 by calling (631) 664-3085 today!


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