Say you are redoing your kitchen from scratch, and you want to start by choosing cabinet colors first. It may not be a good idea. It is much easier to do it, considering your final kitchen finishes instead.

There is enough room to play with your choices regarding cabinet painting, mainly with cabinet colors. Correctly choosing them boosts your kitchen’s appeal and even increases home value. However, poorly choosing will leave you stuck with the complete opposite.

Which cabinet colors you go for is, without a doubt, an important decision. If you feel confused or want to know how experts choose cabinet colors, A&M Quality Painting is here to help. We are your ultimate advice for choosing cabinet colors!

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#1 Choose Cabinet Colors Based On Current Finishes

Say you are redoing your kitchen from scratch, and you want to start by choosing cabinet colors first. It may not be a good idea. It is much easier to do it, considering your final kitchen finishes instead. 

If you think about it, when your kitchen is done, and you are only repainting your cabinets, you make sure it matches your current design. The same thing applies when remodeling. It isn’t ideal to ask, “what is the most popular color for kitchen cabinets?” and select it.

Choose your finishes first, and then test cabinet colors to see if they match your samples. Some design elements you must consider are countertops, appliances, backsplash, wall color, fixtures, etc.

#2 Recur To The Old Reliable Color Theory

You don’t need to become a pro designer just for your remodeling project. Still, if you are having trouble figuring which colors go well together, take a look or research for suggested color combinations. These could be, for instance, complementary tones, monochromatic tones, and so on. This way, you ensure your cabinet colors work well with your current color palette.

#3 Consider Your Lifestyle & Practicality

Cabinets aren’t there merely to look good. They are as functional as the rest of your kitchen. Determining what color is best for kitchen cabinets isn’t only about considering aesthetics, but the practical aspect too.

For instance, white cabinets may not suit you if you have kids or don’t have much time to clean. On the other hand, bright orange cabinets may not be suitable if you plan on selling your home soon. Cabinet colors, just like the rest of your home’s design, have to suit your lifestyle and needs.

#4 Color Must Aid Design Purposes

If you want to amp up a small kitchen, dark cabinet colors aren’t the best for you. Perhaps, you want your cabinets to be seamless and merge with the wall, in which case the cabinet color should work accordingly. How you want your place to look and feel is decisive for choosing cabinet colors. Determine your intent when painting your cabinets while considering design elements such as lighting, size, and so on.

#5 Create Balance Between Cool & Warm Tones

Matching cool tones together and warm with warm seems just about right. Not exactly. Too much can throw things entirely off-balance, which happens when you have the same tones on every kitchen element. 

Therefore, if you already have too many cool or warm tones in your space, you may want to choose the opposite tonality for cabinet colors. This way, you can tie everything together.

What Else Should You Consider?

Now you have enough pro tips to ensure your cabinet color selection is correct. Cabinet painting may seem more complex than it appears to be. Every aspect is key to getting it right, especially the painting company you choose. You can read more advice on that in another blog.  
At A&M Quality Painting, you can secure both by working with us. We can guide you and execute any painting project excellently, offering cabinet painting in New Milford, CT. Get in touch with us today!

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