Temperatures are starting to increase here in Connecticut, but we still have some time till the hot summer months, meaning that now is Spring. If you were curious about what is the best time to paint a house exterior, this is the ideal moment for exterior painting. To get ready for your upcoming project, we present you with a guide to it.

You can never go wrong with exterior house painting when considering a basic formula. Naturally, you have to contemplate many details, but with these basics, everything will get much simpler from there. Let’s start:

The Preparation & Base

The surface base will reflect on the finished results of your new exterior house painting project. This is why professional painters insist on good preparation. Many people wonder, “what order should you paint a house exterior?” Before you think of painting the exterior of your home, you should think about any necessary repairs that have to be made.

So how do you prepare the exterior of your house for painting? Is the siding rotting? Are there cracks in the siding? All of that has to be considered previously. While addressing these repairs might seem like a more considerable investment, it will pay off in the end. The results will last ages with good preparation and a high-quality painting job.

If you don’t have any significant repairs to address, pressure washing the surfaces is recommended and a service we offer here

Choosing The Painting Products

When selecting the paint to be used in your exterior house painting project, you should go beyond choosing a can labeled “exterior paint .”Surely these products are specially manufactured to resist exterior wear and tear, but there’s more to keep in mind. Because there are many decisions regarding the type of exterior paint, we list them down here:

  • Solvent-based paint (oil-based) vs. latex paint (water-based): Oil-based paints dry much slower and are hard to remove. However, if it was used before, water-based paint might peel. Therefore, you may have to use oil paint. Still, latex paint resists temperature changes and can be durable, so it is the ideal option if you can go for it.
  • Sheen: This refers to how much light the painting reflects, resulting in various finishes from high-gloss (most light-reflection) to flat (least high-reflection). High-gloss paints are easier to clean and stain-resistant, but flat paint can better hide surface imperfections.
  • Thickness: Paints can have a few different thicknesses. While thick paints can be good, they won’t have too much coverage, meaning you might require more paint to cover the entire area you want to paint.

If you know what type of paint you buy, all there is left to do is pick your paint colors. There is a lot of advice regarding the matter, but there are three rules we think you should never forget:

  • Make sure the color matches other elements like your roof, brick if it applies, etc.
  • Consider your lifestyle and future plans for your home. If you want to sell it, use a color that will aid resale value.
  • As suggested in a previous blog about cabinet colors, use basic color theory to find your base color, create the proper contrast, and add accents.
  • Before you rush and pick a color, test it to see how well it will match what you currently have.

We’ve come to know two crucial aspects of exterior house painting. The third one is the painting itself. If we know something for sure, everyone wishes to obtain professional results. So, how do you professionally paint a house exterior?

You’ll notice it all boils down to the steps we previously mentioned, and the other part is the technique used. Can you paint the exterior of your house yourself? Of course, you can. Do you want to secure professional results? That is best done with a professional.

You need to consider many factors when painting a home, and the conditions can add up to the challenge. If you have previous experience with home improvement projects, you can take a chance doing exterior house painting yourself. However, if you don’t have much experience, you can still save money by hiring a professional.

If quickness and quality are what you seek, professional exterior house painting in Milford, CT, is the suitable choice. The expert crew at A&M Quality Painting can assist you with everything from preparation and repairs to exterior painting. We’ll do a phenomenal job. For any inquiries, contact us today!