Changes can be for the better, especially when improving your home. Painting is the simplest, most versatile way to do it. However, it is not always that you have a clean canvas to paint on, for instance, when there’s old wallpaper on your walls.

Most are aware that wallpaper removal can be a complex task that could prevent you from even painting. However, if you want to achieve that transformation you’ve been eyeing for a while, we share our advice on DIY vs. Pro wallpaper removal in Milford, CT, or anywhere else you are. Take a look:

DIY Or Professional?

To avoid the trouble, you may be on the hunt for a professional that can do wallpaper removal in Milford or near you. Or perhaps you want to try to do it on your own. As professional painters in Milford, our recommendation is to consider first everything it involves:


  • It requires a lot of time: If you happen to have a free weekend, it can be the perfect time to attempt wallpaper removal in Milford because it is a time-consuming task. Make sure you have enough time to do it if you are trying it yourself.
  • It is exhaustive: Getting the wallpaper glue off is complicated. It can even be tiring and tedious. You can still do it if you are patient and work steadily, but if you feel like you may get frustrated, it won’t be suitable for your walls.
  • It can be messy: Cleanliness is key for wallpaper removal in Milford or anywhere else, but maintaining it is tricky. If you don’t want to risk ruining other elements like flooring, furniture, or woodwork, it is better to protect them or leave them to someone else.
  • It requires a lot of materials: There are a lot of tools and products involved in the wallpaper removal process, all of which you’ll have to acquire in case you don’t already have them, but chances are you’ll need to get them.

Wallpaper Removal Services

If the above seems like much trouble to you, you may be wondering, “Can I pay someone to strip wallpaper?” The answer is yes, and most people opt for professional wallpaper removal in Milford and anywhere else.

  • Professionals who offer wallpaper removal services already count on the tools and products. 
  • They will also do it with the proper technique to avoid damaging your walls and additional repair expenses.
  • You are ensured a clean site during and after the process. 
  • You don’t have to sacrifice much time for it.

Another common question we hear is, “Do painters remove wallpaper?” Certainly, most painting companies do, and if you find one that offers both services, it is convenient to get the entire job done from removal to painting.

Cost Of Wallpaper Removal

How much should wallpaper removal cost? The average cost for wallpaper removal in Milford is $0.50 to $1.50 per square foot. Other aspects considered in the total estimate are the amount of wallpaper and the job’s complexity deemed by the age and layers of the wallpaper. In other locations, prices can vary, but they go from $3 to $4 on average.

Who To Call For Wallpaper Removal in Milford?

Professional wallpaper removal in Milford can be tempting. However, who should you call for it? To ensure you get all the benefits and security, you need to choose a company with good reviews and vast experience that covers every service you need.

At A&M Quality Painting, we not only offer five-star wallpaper removal services, but we also offer additional solutions like painting and carpentry to tackle your entire improvement projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us!