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A “cookie” is a little file of data transferred by a web site to the hard drive of your computer. When you accept a cookie use on the Site we don’t have access to your personal information, but we can use the cookies to identify your computer.

The cookies are qualified in “session” cookies or “permanent. The “session cookies do not remain in your computer after exiting the web site or closing you browser. The total information collected allows us to analyze traffic patterns in our site. With time, this will allow us to give a better experience in our site improving our content and facilitating your use.

The “permanent” cookies are those that stay in your computer. They are use to facilitate purchases, personalization services and the date you use. As an example, the cookies can make a follow up of what you have selected to buy while you continue your purchase allowing you to introduce your password once in the pages where your user name is requested. The “permanent” cookies can easily be removed manually by the user.

Most browsers accept cookies by default, but normally you can reject the cookies or selectively accept certain cookies, changing the preferences on your browser. If you deactivate the cookies, there could be some characteristics in the Site that won’t be available for you and some web pages won’t be seen correctly. You could encounter information on popular browsers as to how to adjust your preferences in the corresponding web sites in your browser.


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