Arguably, in any painting project, the trust you are putting in the painters is key. In commercial projects, it is even more. At A&M Quality Painting LLC, we prioritize is transparency. And we are certain you as a client do too.

If you want to ensure you work with qualified New Milford commercial painters (or anywhere else), we list some questions that will never fail to help you find them.

What You Need To Know Beforehand

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You want to know every question that allows you to choose New Milford commercial painters wisely. However, you first want to be clear about your project needs, so you can ensure you receive exactly that.

Before making your consultations, you want to keep in mind:

  • How long do you expect the project to take?
  • When do you plan on starting?
  • What parts of your building will be painted.
With all that, you’ll have a better picture of your project and be ready to ask your questions to New Milford commercial painters.

How long have you been in business?

We recommend starting with questions like this, so you can get to know the painters more. When looking for New Milford commercial painters, you can always consult information like this on their website if they have it. Still, it is always good to verify it or ask if it isn’t shown.

While it is true that you may find great commercial painters without a lot of operating years, it’s good to know the background and what expertise they have. It will help prevent any issues and faulty work.

Are you licensed & insured?

Naturally, you’ll be caring for your security and investment when hiring New Milford commercial painters, but are they doing the same? When a company is licensed & insured, it means they know the job well and can do it securely. The same happens with insurance. It protects your business, your employees, and the painting company’s employees as well.

What other services do you offer?

It’s not recommendable to focus on the painting itself but what comes with it. A painting project entails other work like prepping, which New Milford commercial painters or anywhere else have to provide. You also want to foresee how you’ll maintain the finished product, which is done through pressure washing services

If these are services, you’ll need, New Milford commercial painters who offer them are the best choice to guarantee consistent quality.

Tip: Make sure you consult about specific parts of the procedure that you need to get done, such as clearing up the site afterward.

When will the project start & how long will it take to accomplish?

Time can be delicate in commercial painting projects because we understand your business needs to be up and running, primarily when you depend on your facilities. You want to make sure the schedule is suitable for what you previewed your project to last.

Who will be managing the project?

In larger painting projects, poor management can either make them succeed or fail. Communication is critical for commercial painting as well. You want to know upfront who attends to your requirements, questions, concerns, complaints, leads the team, and so on.

Who will be doing the painting?

While this may seem straightforward, sometimes it is not. Depending on the company, your project may be done by their team or subcontractors. It is preferable to count on their team. If not, ask how long they have worked with the subcontractors to ensure they are reliable and qualified.

Tip: Look for signs the company works on commercial projects and isn’t just accepting this one job.

Ready For An Estimate

Once you have asked these questions and acquired satisfactory answers, you are ready to ask for a project estimate and hopefully settle on the right choice for New Milford commercial painters. At A&M Quality Painting LLC, we are attentive to anything you need, such as advice for your projects and, of course, quality commercial painting services. Let us know these or any other questions you may have!